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The Small Business Productivity Expert

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Katie Mazzocco, The Small Business Productivity Expert   How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a small business productivity expert?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment in my life and the resulting story that brought me to where I am today, enabling my clients to transform their chaos and overwhelm into income and impact.

That defining moment happened in early 2013, two years after I had left a 10-year career in the wedding industry to start my company as a home and business organizing expert.

You see, I was helping my clients get fabulous results in their homes and businesses, life-changing results, but something was weighing on me. My fellow small business owners, my entrepreneur friends, were struggling in a big way. Most were completely drowning in a sea of overwhelm and chaos in their businesses. This was preventing them from marketing effectively, getting new clients, serving their current clients with excellence, and having the quality of life they desired and deserved. It was heartbreaking. It broke my heart because I had the answers to their problems. I had systematized and increased the profitability of all the small businesses I had worked for in my wedding career with “wow-worthy” results.



Allisa Gay is the owner of Mindful Massage and Bodywork LLC.  Allisa helps those who struggle with chronic pain discover the true source of their discomfort and empowers them to create lasting healing. By blending BodyMind coaching and therapeutic massage Allisa provides her clients with a truly unique experience that bridges the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of wellbeing. 


Allisa offers traditional massage sessions as well as coaching-integrated bodywork.  Her thriving massage practice is focused on helping people who clench and grind their teeth as well as those with TMJ-related pain.  Her coaching sessions are available both online and in-person. 


MEMBERS ARE GIFTED 20 MINUTES WITH THE COACH OF THEIR CHOICE.  How to claim your 20 minutes. Go to your profile- click your choice of coaches. Then go to your coaches website and set up your appointment with them. Have an amazing experience!  

Sonia Mckoy

Professional Image Consultant

Greater Pittsburgh Area


As a certified Image consultant I want my clients to become the most important person in their lives by investing in self-care. This means improving visual appearance, body language, and communication.
• I use color, body, and wardrobe analysis techniques to identify client’s best colors, styles, and how to make necessary purchases.
• Through interactive workshop presentations I help clients to identify and change negative body image and language, to make them feel more confident and look more powerful
• Through public speaking I educate clients with a “TWIST” on how poor etiquette can stall, sabotage and wreck their professional and personal lives.



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Sandra is a board-certified professional organizer and founder of Organization Lane. She takes great joy in helping individuals and businesses be more productive and manage their time and space more efficiently. As a mom, employee, business owner and volunteer, Sandra has years of experience juggling the challenges of everyday life; she understands what works and her goal is to help others find what will work for them.





Tracy Eisenman is a Performance Coach with a strong compassion to see people live their best life. She uses proven techniques to bring your life into alignment with your dreams. 

Performance coaching can be used to reduce your stress level, get your business running smoothly, and set you on a path to success.

Sometimes we do not even know what we need to do because life can be so overwhelming. Lets work together to find the solutions so you can express your true self every day. Working with Tracy will help to focus your actions so you make the most of the hours in your day. Weekends could be for fun and relaxing. If that is what you want.... So the question is...….What do you want?   Contact Tracy to help you get what you want.


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