ON LINE Self Confidence Webinar

  • Sunday, July 01, 2018
  • Monday, July 01, 2019
  • Online on your time


  • Tips to Build your Self Confidence level.
    Learn your personality type
    Find your Strengths and Weaknesses

    How to strengthen your weaknesses
    How to dress for success
    Understanding why co workers frustrate you




   Self Confidence:  Finding your Personality Type and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in 90 minutes.

  • Do you struggle with self confidence?
  • ​​​Do you struggle with expectations of others?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed with how to make changes that will boost your self confidence?
  • ​Do you wish someone would tell you what you can do to feel more conficent?  

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this event is for you.  In this webinar we are going to teach you:

  • How to recognize what your personality type is and how it affects your confidence.
  • How to incorporate strengths into self confidence in social situations.
  • How to determine where your co-workers are on the personality chart and why your expectations of them cause you frustration.
  • How to turn your weaknesses into strengths using a step by step process.
  • How to dress for success.

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