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Welcome to Women in The Network !

 We look to each other for business connections and support.

It is about helping women become the most they can be!

Women in the Network was created for the business woman that wants a networking environment for where she can grow her business and create a fulfilling personal life. We are made up of a diverse group of business women in a number of chapters. The meetings are fortified with education and friendship. After spending 5 years in a networking group I (Tracy) realized that it took me 3 years to learn how to network. I want to help women learn HOW to properly network so that they can actually build THEIR business. The training that has made me a successful business woman into the monthly meetings. You can learn with like minded women and practice on one another then take it out into other situations to become successful in your business.

That is why the WI-N was created out of a need for more business training and support. We are not limited to one State or one Chapter. We will grow and succeed through education and removing self doubt. We will prosper through best business practices and networking. We have chapters for local members and an online chapter for business women from out of the area or that cannot get to meetings.

Our focus will be making our businesses better by; letting go of those things that take our time and are not productive, implementing modern technology and creating pathways to gain new clients while holding strong to our current client base. The results will increase the business profits and free up personal time for a better personal life. This is a project from the heart. I envision many friendships coming out of this organization. I am looking forward to the good times ahead. I hope you will join us in the upcoming year.

Tracy is an entrepreneur owning many businesses  Her strength and perseverance has enabled her to move forward in other business interests. Tracy is a speaker at wellness and business trainings and holds women's workshops. She currently has a few wellness businesses including doTerra, body therapy,she is a Reiki Master Trainer, a taichi instructor and has a black belt (she produced a DVD). She honors seniors by teaching Silver Sneakers 4 hours a week. She will lead you through a vision board workshop too.



 The Organization: The format of this organization is a mirror image of the goal. Keep what is working well and build upon it to make it better. We want to keep our current clients, gain more clients and earn more income.  

 As a member you are entitled to a full 1 year membership   The WI-N includes category specific chapters. To find a chapter in your area you may look at the Chapter listing and call the Chapter Representative. You may visit any Chapter 2 times within 3 months before deciding to join that chapter. You have the option of starting your own chapter as well. The WI-N provides a meeting agenda and topic of the month. Each member will be featured on the website. The topic of the month includes information to build your business and make your life more fulfilling.  Chapters are category specific and allow for members to share a category if they focus on a sub-category within the main category.

Online members join the zoom call on the 4th Thursday of the month 6:00PM -7:30 pm once a month. Membership is $15.00 per month.

  Our focus is on education, networking, and sharing best practices. We host monthly WI-N meetings and  arrange social mixers and offer opportunities to attend programs to boost your business.

  The Women in The Network was founded by Tracy Eisenman in 2016 an entrepreneur and owner of a number of successful businesses. Tracy has worked in the networking business for many years coordinating over 400 members. She created the Women in The Network to facilitate a focus on growing your personal business with education and integration of new skill sets into your current business. Focused on creating a win-win situation in all business activity.

 Chapters Location in the future

Cranberry  Greensburg
 Gibsonia  Pittsburgh
   Irwin  Monroeville
 Bridgewater  Latrobe Laurel Highlands
 Morgantown WV

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