Start a new Chapter in your home or business location

How to get started

  1. Find a location with a private space for 10-20 with parking. The space must be held for your chapter meeting for 1 year (same time and day of the month)  We have successfully used Panera Bread- Kings. Your office space may also work.
  2. Meetings are 90 minutes-* note Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays are the best days for meetings.  Start times range from 7am - 8:30 am-12 noon or 6 PM (if you choose 12 noon you will want to have food available).
  3. You begin with 5 business women in different categories. The chapter grows when your members invite their business contacts who become members. The chapter grows to a maximum of 20 members.  See category list WI-N BUSINESS CATEGORIES.xlsx
  4. The new members fill out this form and pay with a check WI-N membership Application.docx  or they may go to the website and fill out the form and pay online.
  5. As a hosting member if you have the meeting in your office space you get a discount on your membership.
  6. You will have help. Tracy Eisenman will attend your first meeting to support you during your first experience.
  7. The meetings are well formatted and you will receive everything you need to run the meeting. As the Chapter Rep you have access to a webpage just for Chapter Reps.
  8. To get started, simply find your space and your people. When all 5 or more women agree to become members contact Tracy and let her know you are ready to get started 1 month prior to your first meeting.


  • You are getting in on the ground floor of a growing organization.
  • It is easy.
  • The location, day of the month and time of the day are your choice and will easily work for you.
  • You are assured that you have your category open to you.
  • The first 5 members are chosen specifically by you. All categories are open.
  • If you have the meeting in your office you drive traffic to your office.
  • You are instantly seen as a leader and an influencer in your community.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tracy at 724-263-0304 or

Thank you for your interest in creating a new WI-N Chapter in your home town.           Tracy Eisenman

To request approval to start a new Chapter fill out form.

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